Real Bloggers Publish. Never Hold Your Posts In 2020

1984. A team of developers was struggling with their software. It had to be shipped in less than a week but still had many bugs. They were working almost 90 hours per week.

On Friday, the team decided that the software could not be completed in time and they asked the leader to postpone the launch date. Any sensible man would have agreed. But that man, famous for his unique style, did not.

Fast forward to Monday, 5:30 AM.

The software was finally completed and most of the bugs were ironed out. The team sent software to the factory, ready to ship.

This was one amazing software created by an amazing team with an amazing leader.

Want to know the name of the software?

Macintosh OS.

Yes, Apple was the company behind it and the leader was none other than Steve Jobs.

Real Artists Ship

This is a famous quote from Steve Jobs and is still famous among Apple employees. This is the philosophy that has allowed Jobs to create amazing products.

Can we apply it to Blogging?


I did apply it to blogging and here’s my spin-off:

Real Bloggers Publish

Like Steve, you should be forcing yourself to ship your products(posts) on time.

Take my word, log into the admin panel, look for posts you have put on hold and hit “Publish”.

Why? Here are 4 reasons to convince you.

Real Bloggers Publish – You Should Not Be Holding Your Posts Back

Real Bloggers Publish. Do you ?
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Real Bloggers Publish. Do you?

Great Creations Need To Be Shown Off

When you buy an iPod, do you hide it in your pocket? No! you show it to friends.

Steve believed that all great creations have to be shown to the world. No matter how great the product is, if people do not know about it, it is next to nothing. Its value is zero, nothing, zip, nada!

Just put “blog post” in place of “product” in the last sentence. Get my point?

If you do not publish your posts and keep spending time on them to make them better, no one will ever come to know about them. And if no one knows about your blog, what is the purpose of blogging?

Go out, show off your posts. Publish them.

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Procrastination Is A Habit

Once you start finding excuses to say no to publishing, you will be on a downward roller coaster. Roller coaster of procrastination.

You will keep telling yourself, “Nah, this post is not good. Let me work on it and publish tomorrow.”

And when it comes to tomorrow, we have a famous quote:

There is no tomorrow.

There really is! Once you put work on tomorrow, this cycle will go on and on. Soon, you will find putting yourself everything tomorrow and it is very hard to recover from that point!

Do not make procrastination your habit. Publish!

Everyone Makes Mistakes

One major reason that stops people from publishing is the fear of making mistakes. If you are also afraid of making mistakes, I won’t say anything. No advice. Just a few questions:

  • Will your readers hate you for a typo?
  • Will all your readers unsubscribe when you do not spell something correctly?
  • Or worst, will Interpol add you to International Wanted to list you for incorrect grammar? (Maybe I am over-imagining here!
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If any answer was yes, then please leave and spend time on perfecting your posts instead of publishing, this post is not for you.

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However, if all the answers were no, then remember that mistakes can help grow your blog. And if you do not make mistakes, how will you learn?

P.S.: While all the mistakes can not be avoided, a simple proofread can help iron out many of them.

For example, I had written “Read Artists Ship” above. Imagine if I had just shipped that version to Darren. He would have laughed and I would have got a “sorry” note! So, do not be afraid of mistakes. but do not be careless enough to ignore proofreading.

Nothing Is Perfect

You can make a post awesome by adding a little bit of extra effort.

But perfect?

No, my friend! There’s nothing perfect in this world.

Improvements can, well, improve your post.

But sometimes, there will be a tiny little typo that will hide so well that even your experienced eyes will fail to find it.

If you are looking to write perfect posts, then I am sure you will be able to. But I wonder if you will be able to publish more than once a month in that case. Solution? Publish!

What Do You Say?

What do you think:

  • Is holding a post better than just publishing it?
  • Can hitting publish stop habit of procrastinating?
  • Will you publish it next time?

Real Bloggers Publish. Never Hold Your Posts In 2020
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Jenny is a passionate blogger and writes for She graduated from Sainik school and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics.

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