Do You Want To Stay A “Nobody” Or Become A Real Blogger?

Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or come with me and change the world? –Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs said this in 1983 when recruiting John Sculley for Apple. Sculley was working for Pepsi at that time and couldn’t make his mind about joining Apple. At that time, Steve Jobs convinced him using this legendary pitch.

But what is history doing here.

Do You Want To Stay A “Nobody” Or Become A Real Blogger?

You are not reading a blog about history or Apple fanboy blog.

It is not related to blogging, or is it?


Do not think much, just read on.

Working hard?

You know what, that’s a big problem!

You are working hard. You are working very hard.

But results are 0 or if you are lucky, 0.1. Nothing more than that.


Because you are working hard and hard work does not guarantee success.

Do You Want To Stay A Nobody Or Become A Real Blogger
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Do You Want To Stay A Nobody Or Become A Real Blogger ?

2 Hour Per Day = Blogger?

If you are thinking about working 2 hours a day and becoming a celebrity blogger, you are dreaming. You are day dreaming!


Blogging is not about just writing.

It takes a lot more. Promotion, commenting, guest posts and what not.

We need a lot of time to build a successful blog.

And working just 2 hours a day is not going to cut it. It might have worked for a few guys, but open your eyes!

I said open your eyes.

This is the real world.

You are not a full-time blogger.

You have hundred other tasks to do.

And if you think you are still going to make it, you are still day dreaming.

There are hundreds of others who have realized the potential of blogging and have jumped as a full-time blogger.

They are working hard.

And what are you doing?

Refusing to see them.

That’s what an ostrich does?

Still, ostrich does not escape from hunter.

Closing your eyes towards the competition does not mean that it is not there. You have to take a look and learn from it.

It’s not enough to succeed — Others must fail.

Break out of your “I’ll succeed” illusions!

If you have blogged for 3 years and still getting 3 comments per post and 30 page views per day, you are doing something wrong. And still you think you are going to succeed?

Do Not Be An Ostrich, Be A Lion!

What you need to do is to stop closing your eyes.

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Do not overlook competition.

Do not hide your head.

Be a lion.

Treat competition like a pray.

Kill the competition.

Destroy it.

Hit with a knife.

Better, drop a bomb.

Better yet, drop a nuke on your competition.

How To Kill Your Competition

Before you start thinking about doing murder of a competitor blogger or assembling a nuclear bomb, just let me tell you that you should not be doing anything like that.

To kill your competition, all you need to do is to get ahead of rival bloggers. In stats, in subscriber numbers and in comments!

To beat them, all you need is to:

  1. Write Better: They are writing great posts? Go one step ahead! Write awesome posts! In fact, you should not just write awesome but make your whole blog awesome.
  2. Promote Better: They are spending 2 hours for promotion? Spend 2 hours, 1 minute. Even this 1 minute gives you edge over them.
  3. Steal: See what they are doing. Often, bloggers will write about great things that happen to them. Take lessons. Avoid the mistakes they did, repeat their successful steps.

But You Have No Time


You have no time.

You have hundred other things to.

The best solution: Leave your job or school.

But you can not do that, right?

I can not do that and I am sure you too can not.

So, what is the way out of all this?

The way that does not need a lot of time but can still make you a great blogger, that can propel you straight to A-List.

Open Your Eyes

Look around, there are only two ways to become a professional blogger.

  1. Blog Full Time.
  2. Start A Team Blog.

Full Time Blogging

Full Time Blogging is, in my opinion, best option for you. If you become a full-time blogger, you will have lot more time to promote. More time spent on blogging will mean more traffic and income. However, this is a risky way.

What if you do not do well and fail?

You have responsibilities. You can spend 2-3 months without much income but at one point, you will have to look for a traditional job.

But if you do well, you will surely get bigger benefit.

Bigger risk, bigger benefit!

Team Blogging

Starting a team blog or group blog is another option.

Instead of a single person working on a blog, it is better to have several people. All the efforts will add. This way, team blogging helps you to keep your day job and still accelerating the growth. Yes, issues are there but if you have cooperative people around, you can easily solve these.

Check: Why should you choose blogging as a career opportunity?

Choose A Path

This is the time to make a choice. Do you want to stay a normal nobody or change the blogosphere.

Do not continue your efforts on something small, aim for big target.

Do not be satisfied with 100 visits per day when you are capable of getting a million per day.

Do not be satisfied with three hundred subscribers when you are capable of getting three thousand or more.

Make a choice.

Either become a full-time blogger or start a team blog.

I am forcing you because this is going to be great for you. Just try!

And in the end:

Do you still want to be a nobody forever or change the blogosphere?

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