Reading Alone Will Not Help You Succeed in 2020

Reading alone will Not help you Succeed!

Yes, you read it right. No misspellings, no mistakes.

Whether you are a regular reader here or a new one, if you read our articles, you have a  low chance of Success. And this applies to every article out there.

Why Reading alone will not help you Succeed!

Why Reading alone will not help you Succeed
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Why Reading alone will not help you Succeed

Dear reader, it’s Following the articles not Reading them that counts.

It’s human nature that we like to dream of our success.

That is why when you look at a post titled “10 Fail-Proof Methods to Become a Good Blogger”, you start dreaming of success and feel like it is not far away.

And then what happens?

No prizes for guessing that you read the article and then you think, “I have read this Before” and then start searching for the next article!

If just reading was the answer, we would have Millions of Successful Bloggers around.

But do we have them?


Then, why are successful people successful?

Because they do not just read, they Follow.

They do not spend time reading 100 articles a day.

Instead, they may follow one small piece of advice and be on their way to success.

Now that you know that you don’t have to read articles, the question is what to Follow?

Do I need to answer that?

There are lots of good Blogs around about Blogging.

Next thing is how to follow something. There are two kinds of approaches to anything.

1. Half Hearted. This kind of approach is the main reason behind those “10 Ways to Succeed at…..” articles don’t work for you.
2. Full Hearted. That is why Successful people get results.

Follow whatever you find good and you will succeed.

Is all of this rubbish?

Did you learn something or was this just another article you “read?”

Let’s verify.

Here are 7 Ways to Become A Successful Blogger:

  1. Write Good Content.
  2. Write Original Content.
  3. Interact with Your Readers.
  4. Respond to their comments.
  5. Pay Attention to Blog Design.
  6. Keep Learning About Your Niche.
  7. Give Credit to People whose Images you use for Posts.

Read them all? Now (without looking above) try to remember any 4 tips.

Do you? That’s the point!

Do not Read, Follow!

Reading Alone Will Not Help You Succeed in 2020
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