OptinMonster Vs Sumo : Which Is Best For You in 2022?

Every blogger is hungry to get a quality email list to approach their readers. I know guys, even I am in the same race as I know HOW crucial is to gather quality email lists to get success in digital marketing. Today, we are going to discuss WHOSE THE BEST among the top email plugins,  Optinmonster Vs Sumo, and WHY?

Optinmonster Vs Sumo

It is a need of an hour for every blogger/online business to gather leads in order to build a loyal audience of readers.

It is one of the most precious assets of a blogger/digital marketer.

If you are able to engage your readers on your blog then definitely they allow you to monetize your site traffic which will give a boost to your blog simultaneously.

HEY! I have something INTERESTING to tell you,

You need not have a professional blog, or you need not fill your blog with brash pop-ups so that you can gather a huge list with every click.

You can find the pocket full of awestruck plugins in the market that will help you to put a simple and convenient to use a lead generator that can solve your purpose.

Ahh! I get it. You are THINKING! How to find which one is the best Right?

Well, today I am going to put some light on the two most demanded plugins in the market, Optinmonster Vs Sumo.

Let’s find out in spite of being under the same genre (Email List Building Tool) what makes these two plugins so different.

Optinmonster vs Sumo: Which Email List Building Tool Is Best For Your Blog?

OptinMonster Vs Sumo
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OptinMonster Vs Sumo

OptinMonster: Great For Biz Owners

OptinMonster is among one of the few plugins for lead generation which do not have any free version.

Oops! You got sad.

Calm Down!

Optinmonster is one of the best plugins for lead generation available in the market. Of course, being one of my favorites!

Optinmonster has a wide range of options among which you can choose from depending on your preference. It has some really cool features which force you to buy it and add it to your list.

Optinmonster Feature

  1. This plugin has the various type of collection methods, includes traditional pop-up as either canvas or lightbox, footer bar, slide in at the bottom of the page, after post widget, sidebar widget.
  2. Optinmonster usually integrates with most email marketing tools, including MailChimp, Aweber and Campaign Monitor.
  3. You can use A/B testing to test different content, headlines of an article, layouts, and styles.
  4. You can also track conversion includes the number of impressions, total conversions and conversion rate, etc.
  5. This plugin has amazing design customization.
  6. It has a smart approach to targeting the user. It has target specific pages, categories or even user behavior.
  7. You can also track user behavior using Optinmonster. As when as they browse through your website in order to detect the precise moment you can show a targeted campaign at that time.
  8. Optinmonster has some really beautiful designs in this library.
  9. This plugin has built-in analytics.

You can check the OptinMonster Official YouTube channel here.

After finding these features, I must say it is an all-in-one building list plugin.

Though it does cost a little up, $49/year for its basic version which doesn’t have many pro features. So, if you are a newbie who has just stepped into the digital market then this might not be your immediate choice.

But, TRUST ME! it is one of the must-have in-house plugins.

Try this plugin with this link: OptinMonster

HEY! Wait up. Why are you in a hurry to decide? Now, I have OptinMonster neck-to-neck competitor SumoMe on the List! Let’s Find out what is so special in this plugin.

Sumo: Best For Non-Techie Bloggers + Business Owners

Sumo is an easy-to-use and free option that is just perfect especially for those who are “non-techies”.

Sumo is a very user-friendly tool, especially due to its easy-to-set-up apps. It has some pre-made designs which are way beyond being beautiful.

They are not just providing email list-building apps, but also deal with some marketing and tracking apps such as Image Sharer, Google Analytics Tracker, Heat Map, Social Sharing Buttons, Contact Form, and much more!

One disadvantage of using this plugin I found was, there is no automatic option to automatically exclude their social sharing buttons on all pages.

Currently, if you use this plugin you have to manually exclude pages. Well, it’s not a very big drawback but still, if they could have included this then SumoMe would have marked PERFECT!.

Sumo Features

  1. It includes various options like contact form, list builder, a smart bar, leads, and scroll box.
  2. It includes A/B testing to compare results and determine who is performing a better conversion rate.
  3. It includes Heat Maps and Content Analysis
  4. You can use smart email pop-over timing or can set up your own pop-over timing.
  5. You can go for customizations to beautify your email pop up.
  6. You can access your pop-up content through HTML.
  7. You can look up for email subscription statistics for all time.
  8. Integrates with all major email marketing providers
  9. In Sumo, you can work on various CMS (content management systems) including WordPress, Squarespace,
    Blogger, Tumblr, Google tag manager, Shopify + Weebly
  10. You can share your post, Image, or highlight the post.

Sumo comes in many versions both, free and paid versions. You can later also go to an upper version of SumoMe at times when your brand grows, so can your plugin!

So, if you are bloggers and online business owners and you want pop-up email forms, sharing buttons, image sharer, Google Analytics, and all other tools to boost your marketing and track your performance then you can think of choosing SumoMe.

You can download this plugin through the link: Sumo.

Final Words

That’s all about OptinMonster vs Sumo Review.

All those you are new to this Digital Marketing and don’t have enough to spend much if you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use email collector that Sumo is the best one to go for at this time.

All you big business houses, don’t take the above statement applied to you. You are best to go with OptinMonster. OptinMonster makes a real difference when it comes to serious business.

So, You have to decide NOW, what is best suited for the time being. BUT, let me tell you whatever you decide, MARK THIS IN MIND, Email lists are crucial for the running of a successful blog/online business. So, definitely, it is something you should not be missing out on!

If you have any questions, queries or feedback’s for us then post your words in the comment section below.

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