How to use your old iPhone as security system

Do you know you can use your old iPhone as security System?

Yes, you have heard it right.

Check out the post and learn how to use your old iPhone as security system.

How to use your old iPhone as security system

Apple upgrades their devices constantly.

Every time a new version is released, appliers buys the new device immediately.

In recent research, it is found that the iPhones upgrade their phones often when compared to other mobile users.

Some people exchange their old devices for new phones.

Some may sell old iPhones. Others give their old iPhones to their friends or family members.

But some people just keep their old iPhones with them.

If you are one of them and wondering what to do with the old iPhone?

Well, there is a useful way and it is nothing but using your old iPhone as a security system in your home.

Let’s see how to use your old iPhone as a security system.

If you purchase a security system like dropcam, you may need to spend $200. Well with this method, you will get a free security system.

There is an app called Manything.

With this app, you can convert your old iPhones even old iPod and iPad into a security camera.

With live streaming, motion alerts, remote control, and cloud recording it’s the easy way to watch your home when you’re away.

Watch your streams and motion events on the phone you take with you or playback to any point in time, create and share clips, time-lapse, and more by logging into

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How to use your old iPhone as security system
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How to use your old iPhone as security system

Manything is packed with great features:

• Easy setup
• Live video streaming
• Free cloud video recording
• iPhone and web viewers
• Motion-activated alerts
• Remote control
• Adjustable motion sensitivity
• Motion detection zones
• Adjustable video quality
• Stills only mode
• Time-lapse
• Loss of network & power recovery
• Clip sharing
• IFTTT integration

How it works

When you install the app, your device will act as a motion-detecting camera. You can then place your device anywhere you wish.

Once you installed the app, you just need to register and press the record button. This app streams and stores the video in your cloud. You can just log in to your cloud account and watch the video anywhere.

Whenever there is any movement, you will receive alerts and then you can review the video for the motion event. Also, you can log into manything website and watch the live and recorded videos.

You can connect your mobile to the IFTTT channel through the manything app. You can start the recording automatically when you leave your home.

With the latest version of manything, you can turn on and off the camera remotely.
If you have mischievous pets in your home, you can just watch their activities easily when you are away from your home.

A video detailing the app follows below, along with a link to download it for free.

Download the app here

How to use your old iPhone as security system
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4 thoughts on “How to use your old iPhone as security system”

  1. Hi Umapathy,

    Its my first visit to your blog and found it very informative. I subscribed to it right away. I liked your blog setup. This post is very informative.

    Can I use this app on iPad? I like the concept but what about the battery life. It looks like I need to charge the device regularly

    • Hi Linda,

      Welcome to my blog. Glad you liked it.

      You can very well use the app on iOS devices. You can control the app remotely. So, you can ON and OFF at your convenience. Yes, you need to charge the devices. When you compare this setup with the other security systems in the market, this is very cheap.

      Happy Holidays


  2. Hi Umapathy,
    I am big fan of Apple. Everytime they release new product, I exchange my old and get the new one. In my home most of the stuffs I use are all from apple like iphone,ipod,apple router, macbook pro. sometimes I give the old phone to my relatives or friends. your idea of using iphone as security system is cool. will try that soon.
    Thank you for sharing this info.

    • Hi Debbie,
      I am also found of apple products. Last year brought an iPhone and still using it. I am glad that you found the post informative. Thank you for your valuable comment. Happy Friday


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