How often you check your mobile in a day?

Everyone loves their mobile.  For some people, it is like a third hand. They cannot live without their mobile. Some will keep their mobile next to their pillow while sleeping. How do you know how often you unlock or check your mobile to see the notifications on facebook or messages on WhatsApp?

How often you check your mobile in a day?

How often you check your mobile? This is the question raised by a new app called Checky. It is the second app from the company called Calm. The concept may sound similar. It is because there is an app called Moment which tracks how much time you spent on your mobile.

How Checky works

Checky is slightly different from Moment. The session may be long or short. Every time you take your mobile from your pocket and check for messages, it notes it down. At the end of the day, it sends you a notification of how many times you checked your phone today. You can also view it once you open the app.

How often you check your mobile in a day? 1
How often you check your mobile in a day?

How often you check your mobile in a day?

Why Checky

It helps user tracks how many times they check their mobile in a day. Today my score is 1. Yes, only once I checked my mobile today. I rarely use the mobile on weekends. I checked my friend’s score and was shocked. It was 239. There are several people out there whose score will be more than that.

You can ask your friends to install the app and check who is more obsessed to mobile in your group.

Once people know their scores they can reduce their phone usage. This app is very helpful for people who are ready to reduce their mobile usage. In this current world, everything has become mobile. These days people don’t buy newspapers. They read it on your kindle or mobile.

For some people, their mobile is their life. They don’t have time to meet the people and speak. I have seen my friend who texts from the first floor of the house to his mom on the ground floor that he needs pasta for dinner.

This app will be very full for those kind of people.

Install Checky for iOS or Android from here. Compare your scores with your friends and have fun.

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