MyThemeShop Affiliate Program – Make Over $2000 A Month!

I have joined the MyThemeShop Affiliate program a few months back and have made a good amount of money with it.  MyThemeShop is the most affordable Premium WordPress Theme which makes easier for affiliate marketers to market the products online. Check out this post and learn how you can make over $2000 a month from MyThemeshop Affiliate Program.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program – Make Over $2000 A Month!

Have you ever received this type of emails?

Mythemeshop commisions
Mythemeshop commissions

Not yet ????

Not to worry. After reading this complete post, you too will get this type of emails.

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Why I Recommend MyThemeshop Affiliate Program:

Industry Leading Flat 70% Commissions
This is the highest commission rate in this era as if you make a sale of $69(regular price of a theme) so you’ll get $48.30 as a commission. Wow!

60-Day Return Cookie
Once the user visits any page of Mythemeshop by your affiliate link and within 60 days they purchase any product from MTS so you’ll get the full commission.

No Minimum Payout Limit
Whatever your earned amount is, it’s $5 or $500, you will receive it on 5th of every month(except holidays & weekends).

Two Tier Lifetime 10% Commission
You’ll earn 10% of all commissions from your affiliate earnings, for life!

Over 100 Products
MTS have more than 100 products, so you’ll have more opportunities to promote it.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review
MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

How To Get Started MyThemeShop Affiliate

You need not be an existing customer to become an affiliate. All you need to do is sign up for MyThemeShop Affiliate. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Go to MyThemeShop page. And Click on Sign Up Today button.

2. Then a form will be pop up. Just enter your First Name & Email Address and Click on ‘Sign Up’.

3. Confirm your email and login to your account.

That’s it, now you are an affiliate of MyThemeShop.

How To Make Over $2000 A Month With MyThemeShop Affiliate

Let’s see how you can make over $2000 a month by promoting MyThemeShop. Ok, I didn’t calculate this figure. MyThemeShop did. Here is the calculation.

Mythemeshop affiliate program - Mythemeshop statistics
Mythemeshop statistics

If you can make two sales every day then you will get $2898 for a month. Obviously, you cannot expect to earn $2898 from the very first month.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program - Make Over $2000 A Month! 1

It will take some time to generate sales.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme. Now I am going to show you how to get two sales every day.

Join MyThemeshop affiliate program

How To Make Money From MyThemeshop Affiliate Program?

There are various tactics to promote the affiliate program. I cover up here some from them to help to boost your earning.

Write a Review

If you are a MyThemeShop Customer, write a review on MyThemeShop. Give some strong reasons to your readers why you recommend MyThemeShop. 

The most strong reason is Affordable Premium WordPress Theme. Here is the written for MyThemeshop by me long back – “MyThemeshop Review“.

Show Proof and References

References in the sense that you can show the proof your users that how people get benefits by using the products you refer them. Here is an example of TruePixel theme by mythemeshop.

How ViralNova Got Sold For Over $100 Million

Promote Special Offers

MyThemeShop offers a huge discount on special days like Black Friday. You can promote these offers by writing a post on your blog.

Check: Mythemeshop Black Friday deal

Use Social Networking Sales

Spread your affiliate link on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. But make sure you are not spamming. You can also promote your affiliate link on forums.

Make Tutorials

This is the strong point to grab the attention of your users. Make the video tutorial or a written tutorial about your promoted products to catch the user interest.

You can also visit the support forum on a daily basis and resolve the queries thereof the users to seek their attention.

Use Banner

Monetize your blog with the creative banner to place it out on your blog to attract your users as mythemeshop provides all size of banners such as 125×125, 200×200, 250×250, 300×250, 460×60 and 728×90.

You can download all the banners from your affiliate dashboard.

Write a List Post

Write product wise list posts, its generate more sales. Some of the example as follows.

Paid advertisement is the best way to promote your content on the instant basis but it’s not recommended because it’s a short time trick (but not the dead trick)because you will get the traffic until your advertisements are live.

I recommend you to focus on the above methods, paid advertisements is an alternative.

Join MyThemeshop Now


I think the above guide is a complete explanatory to make over $2898 a month. Don’t lose hope, you will earn a huge amount easily by the MyThemeshop affiliate program.

Mythemeshop Affiliate program - Make $2000 A Month


MyThemeShop affiliate program is very lucrative. Your commission is 70%. This means that when you make a single theme sale of $59, your commission is $41.30. With one sale every day, your earning potential is over $2000 per month. Strongly recommended!

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