How To Create an Engaging Multi-Page Form in WordPress Easily in 2023?

Wondering how to create an engaging multi-page form in WordPress that converts well?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post and learn how you can create a multi-step form in WordPress easily.

Benefits of using Multi-page forms

Multi-page forms are nothing but splitting a single form into multiple pages or steps. There are a few benefits of using multi-page and they are as follows:

It encourages focus from the customer side since the forms will be split into multiple pages.

Helps you to reduce form abandonment since customers do not like a single long boring form.

You can collect only the required information using conditional logic.

How To Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress?

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How To Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress

To create a multi-page form, we will use WPForms which is the best form builder for WordPress.

You would need the premium version of the form builder to create multi-step forms.

Currently, WPForms offers a discount on all plans. Check out the discounted price here.

Once you have purchased WPForms, you need to install and activate the plugin. Let us see the steps to create a multi-page form in WordPress.

Create a Form

With the help of WPForms, you can break any form into multiple ones.

For example, we will use a simple contact form and then convert it into a multi-page form.

Types of form
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From the dashboard of your WordPress site, click on WPForms. Then click on Add New to create your form.

Name your form on the setup screen and choose the simple contact form template. Though it is a basic form, you can add additional fields easily with the drag-and-drop feature.

If you want a more complex form, then you can choose any of the available predesigned form templates like:

  • Job Application
  • Order Form
  • Survey Form
  • And More

The above-mentioned forms are long forms on a single page. So, you would need to split them into multi-page forms.

Split Your Form into Multi-Step

After adding all the required fields in the form, you would need to add the page break field which helps to split the form into multi-page forms.

To add the page break field, just use the drag-and-drop feature. 

Under the Fancy Fields section on the left side, drag the page break field option and drop it to the place where you want to split the form on the right side of the form builder.

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Adding page-break

Repeat the same step of adding the page break field wherever you need to split the form into another page.

Make sure to collect only the relevant information in the form.

Customize the Progress Bar

With WPForms, you will be able to show a progress bar on the form depending on how far they are in this form.

With the help of the progress bar, visitors will be able to navigate to the pages before completing the form.

There are 3 types of progress bars available to make the form attractive. They are:

  • Connector
  • Circle
  • Progress Bar

You can choose either of them. To customize the progress bar, click on the page break section. You can change the color of the progress bar in this section.

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WPForms Progress Bar

You can also edit the page title to let the users know where they are if you choose a circle or connector. Else, a standard progress bar will guide them.

You can also toggle the feature to let the visitors see a previous page button. With this option, they will be able to return to the previous page of the form if there is any need for them to update the information.

Once all the changes are made to the form, click on Save.

Configuring Form Settings, Notifications, and Confirmation

You can configure your form settings under the General section of the Settings Tab.

You will have the option to update the Form name, Form Description, and Submit button.

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You can also update the Spam prevention and GDPR enhancements

Notifications are a great way to get emails whenever someone submits a form. By default, it will be turned ON.

You can also update the Form Confirmations under the Settings Tab.

Do not forget to save the form once all the changes are updated.

Add the Multi-Page form to the Post/Page

After creating a multi-page form, you would need to add it to your WordPress site.

With WPForms, you have the advantage of adding the form on multiple places like blog posts, pages, or sidebar widgets.

You can either create a new post/page or you can update the existing one. 

Click on the first block and choose the WPForms icon.

select multi-page form
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select multi-page form

You will get the dropdown option on the WPForms widget to choose the forms that were already created.

Select the multi-page form that was created now and click on the publish or update button. The form will appear on your site.

Final Words

With WPForms, it is easy to create a multi-page form in WordPress. 

Multi-page forms are very useful to collect the required information from site visitors.

They will also improve the user experience and increase conversions.

Do not wait! Get started with the best Form Builder Today!

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