How to make money reading SMS on your mobile

Top 5 Website to Make Money by Reading SMS on Your Mobile

Yes, this is the fact that you can easily make money by Reading SMS on your Mobile. But you should be aware of the scam websites and companies that show rosy pictures and befool people into spending money for earning money.

Nowadays, lots of websites who promote their advertisements through SMS and they pay for you this. They provide many great deals which are not accessible in the market by sending SMS to their registered users. If you like any offers, you can proceed to purchase. From this, you will earn some bonus money and if you don’t like offer simply read and delete the SMS. Don’t worry you will get your money by reading per SMS.

How to make money reading SMS on your mobile
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How to make money reading SMS on your mobile

Some Benefit:

You will make money with your Mobile.

No Needed Any Smart Phone.

You will make extra money on each valid referral.


List of Top 5 Websites to Make Money By Reading SMS on Your Mobile


PaisaLive is the best platform that unites the Big Brand Advertisers and Members. Members are paid each time when they check the sponsor’s advertisement and sponsors can send their message to the masses easily. You will get 99 instantly for Sign Up and Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 5.00 for checking each advertisement. Your earning depends on your Activity Score as well as which type of advertisement you get in your inbox and If You invite your friend and they accept your invitation you will get Rs. 2 for each friend.They pay you via Cheque by 15th of every month.



mGinger is Indian based company. Basically, mGinger works on advertising basis, they sent daily discount and promotion to their customers via mobile. mGinger is one of the best sites to make money via mobile. mGinger has positive reviews from its users. Once your mobile is verified you will get Rs 3 within 24 hours. If you verify your email you can make Rs. 1 to your account. You will get Rs. 0.20 for each ad you will receive.Refer your friend and get Rs.2 on each referral and you will also keep earning money with each incoming SMS that your friends receive. You will get Rs. 0.10 for each ad your friend receive and Rs. 0.05 for each ad your friend’s friend receives.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
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Example: If you invite your 10 friends and they invite their 10 friends and Each person receive 10 SMS a day. Just imagine how much you can earn in a day?

You ->10 msg * 0.20 paisa = Rs.2

Friend->10msg *10 friend *0.10 paisa= Rs. 10

Friend’s Friend->10 msg *10 friend’s friend *0.5 paisa =Rs.50

Daily Income –> Rs.62

Monthly Income ->Rs.62 *30 = Rs. 1860


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It’s simple but interesting concept.You can see only those ads which directly or indirectly add value to your knowledge, participate in play quiz, HQC, HNBC, Number Game and Nifty prediction etc.You will get Rs. 200 instantly for Sign Up and Rs 50 will be credited only for genuine referrals.You keep getting gift points till 8th referral.To earn reward and point you have to complete regular award section like View Ads, VBA Inbox, Positive news and Play Quiz.You will get Rs.5 for completing Regular Reward section.


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YouMint is founded by the same guys who started the mobile shortcode revolution in India! (58888).You get paid for people who join your network and complete their registration by verifying their mobile number. Rs 100 instantly for getting your friends to sign up.You can send Ad-free SMS worth Rs 1500 each month on most operators in India. Get Rs.2500 worth of shopping coupons as soon as you join.



RupeeMail is another Earn Money Online Source where you can earn money for reading email messages.RupeeMail is delivered in an electronic envelope with an attached stamp.Advertiser sends you email and offers you some money to view their advertisement.You will receive promotional offers, discounts and other advertisements strictly based on the preferences you opted for during registration. However, you are free to change your preference list from the RupeeMail Account settings at any time.You make Rs 2 for each referral.One thing more if you request a check less than Rs 200 postages you will have to pay Rs 20 for postage charges.


In this post, you have learned about Make Money By Reading SMS.  Please note that you will not become rich overnight. Initially, your earnings may be slow, but it will catch up very soon and you should be able to make regular income every month.What is your opinion on this online job and how good you find to earn money from mobile? Send your comments below.

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