How To Make Blog Post Go Viral ??

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Several people think how to make a blog post go viral. They keep asking this question to themselves and also to other bloggers. You cannot make a blog post go viral on your first attempt. You should have the skills. You need to do the hard work. You need to create value to your viewers. Let’s see how to make a blog post go viral.

There are several bloggers out there. But only a few people succeeds and become famous. But it doesn’t mean others are not working hard. Some percentage of the bloggers who creates viral content works hard until they get lucky. Then they work on their strategy and identify their strength.

Some follow the footsteps of successful bloggers and become the success. There are some others who keep asking the same question. They are either impatient to do the hard work to become success or they are lazy. For these people, viral content is only about the share counts on the social network. They do not believe in creating value for their followers.

According to Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

You need to create content only for people and not for the bots of a search engine. You need to make the content more valuable. You should not create content just for exposure.

The secret to creating blog post go viral are the following three important factors.

How To Make Blog Post Go Viral ??

How To Make Blog Post Go Viral ??

How To Make Blog Post Go Viral ??


You need to attract people to come and read your blog. How can you attract people to your blog?

You can attract people if you do the following:

Write about current trends.
Write about leadership qualities.
Write spicy posts like controversial things or about things which tempt people.
Write about case studies.

Here is the post by Enstine Muki which tempted many people to click on his post.

This is another post by Enstine which did the same trick.

With this trick, you not only tempt your existing followers to read your post but also get new readers.

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Engage with your readers

You should not only attract people, you should engage with them. Engaging with your viewers is very important. You can write about posts that help people solve their problems or give solutions. You can write about posts that answer specific questions. You can write about How to’s and technical guides. You need to do your tactics and create value to your viewers. By this, you can create trust among your readers.

To learn how to engage with your readers, follow the Engagement super star Adrienne Smith.



If you are selling a product, your goal is not complete when there is no conversion. You are writing a blog, your goal can be social shares, comments or email subscriptions. If you recommend some product, you need to convert a sale.



These tricks can make your blog post go viral. It will definitely get you page views. But if there is no value delivered, it is a complete waste. You need to create an objective. It should not be just to grab attention. It should also create brand awareness.

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