Should Links Open In Same Tab Or New Tab?

Should Links Open In Same Tab Or New Tab? This is the question arisen in my mind after receiving the following comment in the blog

Here’s one thing that bothers me on blogs (including yours, sorry) – I cannot stand it when hyperlinks do not open a new window. For example, I clicked on one of the links in this post. That page had a link I wanted to check out and so I clicked on it. Before I knew it I had gone off the beaten path and accidentally closed the window thinking your post was in another window. Then I had a hard time finding you and this post again.
My suggestion to bloggers is to have links open new windows so they can easily come back to your site and continue reading your posts.

This comment was made on  Monday. This made me think a lot. Should links open in same tab or new tab/windows?

I have thought about making a final decision but hey, can I make a decision myself only?

A large part of this blog is YOU! The reader.

So, why not you make the decision?

My take on the issue.

Should Links Open In Same Tab Or New Tab?

Should Links Open In Same Tab Or New Tab?

For: Links Should Open In New Tab

Here are some reasons that make me think that new tab approach is good:

  1. It Retains Readers: Just like Curt got lost, many others can too. Opening links in same tab can cause this problem. New tabs mean that people do not get lost when surfing.
  2. It Reduces Bounce Rate: When visitors does not go away, he never “bounces”! So, the bounce rate is reduced a lot this way.

Ok, I am thinking. I am thinking. I am still thinking.

Should Links Open In Same Tab Or New Tab? 1

No more points?

Well, that’s natural because I do not generally favor links opening in new window.


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Against: Links Should Never Open In New Tab

Now, I am sure I can fill pages on this topic. But let’s keep it simple! Here are my thoughts:

  1. Gives User Control: Since you are using the blog, you should have control over how you navigate it. Right? If links open in same tab by default, this keep users belonging to “open links in same tab” as well as “open links in new tab” camps happy. How? The first camp automatically gets what it wants. And the second camp can easily right click and select “Open In New Tab” or Ctrl + click the link.
  2. Reduces Clutter: It’s not that I am going to start a clutter management blog or business anytime soon but I hate clutter, especially with software. Too many tabs make working difficult and I am sure many would have the same opinion. Opening new tab after new tab for every new links reader clicks might not be good in this sense.
  3. There’s A Back Button: Back button is the most frequently used button in browsers. If you have good content, the reader will come back. Just take John’s example. He said he had trouble finding ODC but he did come back. (Looks like my posts are developing some kind of magnetic field! ;) )


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Final Decision Is Yours

As I said, readers are most important. So, tell me:

  1. Should Onlinedecoded and other blogs open links in new tab?
  2. Why?

Thanks for taking the time to read the post. Do not forget to share!


Should Links Open In Same Tab Or New Tab? 2

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