How To Easily Use Lead Source Tracking In Google Analytics in 2023?

Are you wondering how to use lead source tracking in Google Analytics?

Not to worry. Check out this post and learn how you can track the traffic source of your website easily.

If you are running a website, it is important that you need to know how people find your website, which campaigns are working, etc.

To know all this, you need to set up lead source tracking.

Why Should You Track Lead Sources?

By tracking your lead sources, you can identify which channels to spend on.

You can check the traffic sources, top-performing pages, country, and all other details about readers.

You can also track different types of events.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the best tool to check the trends and analytics of your website. 

Using it, you can get a lot of valuable data to improve your website. Google even has an academy to help you understand it. However, everyone cannot understand how to use Google analytics.

Imagine if you can view all those metrics and data for your website right inside the dashboard.

Yes, you can do that with the help of the MonsterInsights Plugin.

What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is the best popular Google Analytics plugin. It is also one of the essential plugins for WordPress sites.

Using it, you can connect your website to your Google Analytics account so that you can get detailed and exact data about your website.

This plugin is very helpful to optimize your website and increase traffic and conversions.

MonsterInsights has both free and premium versions. To reap the total benefits of the plugin, you need to use the premium version of the plugin.

How to Use Lead Source Tracking in Google Analytics?

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How To Use Lead Source Tracking In Google Analytics

Follow the steps below to track the lead source in Google Analytics.

Install and activate MonsterInsights

Follow the steps given below:

  • From the dashboard of your site, click on “Plugins”.
  • Click on “New” and search for “MonsterInsights”.
  • Install and activate the plugin.

Connect Google Analytics with MonsterInsights

After activating the MonsterInsights Plugin, you need to connect your Analytics account to it.

authenticate with Google account
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  • Click Insights Settings from the dashboard of your site.
  • Under the General tab, click “Authenticate with your Google account”.
  • Login to your Google Analytics account and permit MonsterInsights to access your Google Analytics account.
  • Select your website profile and click on “Complete authentication”.

Traffic Overview Report

From the dashboard of your WordPress site, click on Insights.

Then click on Reports and choose Overview.

You will see the overall performance of the website.

You will be able to see Sessions, Pageviews, Avg. Session Duration and the Bounce Rate.

By default, it will show the report for the last 30 days. You can even customize your date range and view the report accordingly.

overview report
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You can also view the new vs returning visitors to your website.

You can even view the device breakdown. You will be able to see what percentage of customers come from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

By scrolling down, you can see the top 10 countries from where you get the visitors.

view the top countries
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Using this data, you can run different campaigns to promote your offers in different countries.

Apart from this, you can also view the top pages which get traffic and the top 10 referrals.

Search Console Report

You must need to know the keywords that drive traffic to your website.

You can find out that easily by clicking on the search console report.

search console report
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Using the search console report, you can view the top 50 Google search terms, number of clicks, number of impressions, click-through rate, and average position of the keyword in the search engine.

With these search terms, you can do keyword research and optimize the keywords to increase the ranking.

eCommerce Report

On the eCommerce report, you can view the top conversion sources.

top conversion sources
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It will give you the data about the websites from which you get the most traffic, the number of visits from that website, and the revenue generated from that website.

You can also view your website’s real-time visitors which shows the city, state, country, and the count of visitors.

How to Monitor Website Traffic in Google Analytics?

Just by using the MonsterInsights plugin, you can know about the visitors to your website.

If you want to drill down more about the visitors, then you can check out Google Analytics.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Choose the property for which you want to view the details.
  3. Click on the Acquisition tab.
  4. Under “All Traffic“, click on “Channels“.

Here, you will be able to see the type of traffic sources namely direct, social, referral, paid ads, etc.

view traffic source on Analytics
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If you wish to get a detailed report, you can click on Source/medium which will display the source of traffic.

Navigate to Behavior » Site Content to get the source of specific posts/pages on your website.

Final Words

That’s all about how to do lead source tracking in Google Analytics. I hope you find the post helpful.

MonsterInsights is the best analytics plugin for WordPress. If you are serious about your business, then I would recommend you buy the premium version to access all its features.

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