iStat Menus – An advanced system monitor for Mac

If you are shopping for a powerful and multi-featured system monitor for Mac, needless to say, you’ll appreciate the functionality offered by iStat Menus. This is a quality software product, which can help you keep tabs on the general performance of your computer. 

On the surface, you may consider that such apps just consume the storage of your hard drive but you are mistaken! The latest version of the app, iStat Menus 6 is packed with an awful lot of great options. We’ll analyze the main functionality of the application and find how to launch it.

Top Features of iStat Menus

iStat Menus
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iStat Menus

Below, we gathered several core features that will overpersuade you that this app is especially noteworthy:

• It sends notifications to users, containing information about the disk, network, CPU, weather, and other significant events.

• You’ll get access to weather forecasts on your screen.

• Fast keyboard access.

• A wide array of themes and colors.

• Notification Center Widget, which comprises the most important features of the app.

• Dual Line Menubar Clocks.

• History graphs.

• GPU history.

This is not a full list of all options because, in very deed, there are many more of them.

The prime objective of iStat is to control the performance of your Mac. The app can send notifications about lots of events, basing on network, power, disks, memory, etc.

Otherwise stated, you’ll be notified when the internet speed decreases suddenly or the public IP is changed.

How to Get Started Using iStat Menus?

If you have finally rendered a decision to start using iStat Menus, you ought to download the software from the official website. There are several billing plans: a single license and a family pack.

To get started, select your billing plan, download and install the application on your computer.

You’ll see the ZIP archive and to start the installation procedure, you should unarchive it. After that, you can start installing the software (this procedure is easy because, you just need to follow all recommendations, given by the guide).

The app consists of eight configurable menus that will provide you with basic information about the performance of your Mac. Each item can be configured separately, allowing Mac users to select the combination of icons that are necessary for them and meet their requirements.

When you have finally installed the application, you need to enable items that are necessary for you. To do this, please, open iStat Menus and switch on the desired items.

In some instances, these items are reordered (especially if a user runs OS 10.11 El Capitan). In this scenario, you need to reorder all these items and set them according to your requirements. Just click the Command Key and drag this icon in the menu bar of your Mac.

It is also possible to change the design and layout and lots of users appreciate this opportunity.

The majority of menu items comprise several other items within them (you can either make them visible or hide them).

For instance, if you switch on the CPU item, you will see some other items as well (a graph, a pie chart, a history graph, etc.). To make one or another item visible, you should activate it.

iStat is a high-quality tool, allowing you to control your Mac from the menu bar. With this application, all processes, ranging from system temperature to CPU will be under your surveillance.

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