10 Killer Tips to Increase Reddit Karma in 2022

Are you trying to increase Reddit Karma? Then, you have reached the correct place. Reddit is one of the best places to get targeted traffic to your blog. In this post, you will learn the killer tips to increase Reddit Karma.

Killer Tips to Increase Reddit Karma

Good Ol’ reposts!!

If you find an interesting or funny image on /r/pics, save it on your system.

After about two weeks or a month, post this image again on /r/pics with a different title.

If you are too lazy then the same title will do, but you will probably get more downvotes and lesser Karma.

How to increase reddit karma
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How to increase Reddit karma

Comment Karma

After you have posted an image on /r/pics, include a comment in your own post with a brief description of the image.

This way, if your post is getting upvotes, there are high chances that your comment will also get upvoted.

For e.g –  In the “Would you live here?” post, write a comment describing the place. 

Douche Bag Parking

Drive your car into an empty parking lot. Double park your car wrongly on the line separating the two parking lots. 

For more Karma, park your car awkwardly taking up two handicapped parking spaces. 

For even more Karma, the flashier the car the better. Take a pic of the wrongly parked car. 

Blur the number plate on the car image. 

Post this image on /r/pics with a nasty title bitching about the car owner. for e.g “Douche Bag Parking!!” 

Would You Live Here?

Image search on google for “beautiful sceneries” or “scenic pictures”. 

Pick an image that pleases you the most. 

Create a post in /r/pics with the title “Would You Live Here?” and link it to the above image. 

Capitalize on memes

Go to a meme generator website Choose a popular meme Think of a funny caption that is relevant to the meme. Post it on /r/pics

Cat pics and More Cat pics!!

Have a cat as a pet Wait for it when you can take a cute pic of your cat. 

If Step 1 and Step 2 are too much of a hassle, google for a cute cat picture. Post it on /r/pics

Funny GIF files !!

Find a funny video on YouTube. The more recent the better. 

Go to a Gif creator website like GIFSOUP.

Convert the video to a GIF If Steps 1 and 2 are too much of a hassle then go to Funny GIF sites like GIFBIN.  

Right-click on a funny gif and save it. 

Think of a funny caption. 

Post the Gif file on /r/pics

Picture and few words!

Find a picture of these personalities Neil Degrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Louis CK, Carl Sagan, or Aziz Ansari.

Go to Youtube and pick any of their interesting quotes.

 Edit the quote on the picture.

Post the pic file on /r/pics or /r/atheism (based on the personality) 

TIL and Wikipedia!

Go to Wikipedia and press alt-shift-x on the keyboard or click on the Random Article link.

This should bring you to a random article on Wikipedia. Find an interesting fact from the article.

If you don’t find any, keep clicking on Random Article until you find one.

Use the interesting fact as the title and post a link to the article in /r/TIL


Pick a celebrity who will resonate well with the Reddit community (like Louis CK, Bill Nye, etc).

Find out when their birthdays are.

You could refer to http://www.famousbirthdays.com/ if you are running out of ideas. 

Post on Reddit wishing the celebrity on their birthday and with a picture with a funny/famous quote of theirs. 


In this post, we saw the killer tips to increase Reddit karma. Just follow these steps and increase your Reddit account karma. 

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