How to use Quora to get best ideas for your blog content

Quora is one of the top best Q&A answer sites. You can ask any question related to any field. You will get instant answers. Given the amount of information present on Quora, we can use it easily for our blog as a tool. Instead of searching for it on Google, you can do that on Quora.  Then you can compile the answers and make the post on your blog. Let’s see how to use Quora to get best ideas for your blog content.

How to use Quora to get best ideas

How to use Quora to get best ideas
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How to use Quora to get best ideas

Ask the question that you need answers for

You may have some doubts or questions on your mind.

You can ask those questions related to your blog. Just start the conversation by simply asking the question. But make sure it’s clear, grammatically correct and specific.

Also, check whether you have asked the question in the correct category. This way, followers of that category will get the notification on their dashboard.

Once you have published your questions, you can invite fellow Quorans to answer it.

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Compiling all the answers you can publish the content for your next post.

The best way is to ask the experts by inviting them.  If you are unable to find any experts, check for the active users in that category.

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Use those answers

After learning, do not forget to share it your network. Else, you can also post the question and answers to your blog via the ‘Share’ link.

Another way to use the answers is to inform and help you craft your next epic blog post. This is crowdsourced content that you can use in your own writing.

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Give Credit to write a round-up post or lists

Round up posts was used by many bloggers. They will compile a list of useful resources from other sites. These types of posts will be published on weekends or once in a month.

When you ask questions on Quora, respondents are providing you free content as answers. So, it is important to respect the time and effort someone is giving to help you.  As mentioned earlier, use those answers to inform your blog post content. Never claim them as your own. Give credit or link to the original source. Use the answers to craft a round-up post or lists



In this post, you have seen how to use Quora to get content ideas. You can just harness the required information from the huge list available in Quora. It will help you reduce your research time.

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