How To Take Interview Of A Pro Blogger That Goes Viral in 2022?

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The interview of a pro blogger is a very attractive form of a blog post. It is not a very old form because a few years ago every blogger was just struggling to become a pro. But now there is a lengthy list of this category and it is rising day by day.

Earlier, a simple narration of contents was the main element of each blog post. Now its forms are diversified. There is a huge variety in it. The interview of a pro blogger is an effective type of blog post.

Why Readers Love Interview Of A Pro Blogger?

Readers love to read about a pro blogger. They especially want to know about:

How did he become a pro blogger?
What is his daily blogging schedule?
Which gadgets and plug-ins does he use?
What is his monthly blogging income?
How can others become like him?

So these are the basic queries and readers want to know their answers.

They want everything about a pro blogger which can help them to become like him.

Becoming like him means to earn equal to him mainly. So for taking an interview with a pro blogger you need to keep the above 5 basic queries in mind and move ahead to make your interview post go viral.

How To Take Interview Of A Pro Blogger That Must Go Viral?

Interview Of A Pro Blogger
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Interview Of A Pro Blogger

Make Pre-Interview Research

First of all, check which pro bloggers will approve your request for talking to them.

It mainly depends upon your level of relationship with them. So just check who replies to you regularly and also off and on like your shared posts on social media.

Then check which one of them is a hot favorite of your target audience.

You can check this by just casting a look at your blog commentators, profiles of your subscribers at Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.

Need not do a postmortem of each profile.

Just a glance will be enough to make you understand the collective profile of your audience including the age bracket (20-30) of a majority of them, their interests, and their activities.

So to literally know how much popular a pro blogger is in your audience and in general both; just make a page of excel sheet and note down the following information about him.

  1. Put his/her URL in to know its number of monthly visitors and other details of achievement like page views, bounce rate etc
  2. Check his followers/likes/friends mainly at Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  3. Check the number of average unique comments on their each blog post. Unique comments mean not of regular commentators because such comments are usually given on the basis of give-and-take. (You comment at my blog I comment at yours).
  4. Check comments, likes and reshare at his timeline on social media. Don’t count each one just see the response level of his audience
  5. Search how many interviews on which blogs he has already given. Thoroughly read them and try to avoid reproduction of the same information in your interview post.

Send Your Request

Now the second phase. Select at least three pro bloggers for your next interview post. Send them the request separately. Never let them give an impression as if you are just sending the request to so many pro bloggers.

Draft each request with particular reference to each one.

Mention his achievements a little, his blogs, and your previous communications with him to make him feel how special he is for you.

If all of them regret it no problem again repeat the above exercise and select a few more pro bloggers.

It is least likely all will refuse. At least one of them will give his consent for an interview if you are already in interaction with him.

Facts To Remember

Pro blogger is a relative term. He may be a beginner for someone and a pro for some others. So your pro blogger is not for you but for your audience. If your niche is not blogging then select an expert of your niche to make him deliver value to your audience.

Now let’s move to the second step after getting the consent of at least one pro blogger.

Research To Develop Questions

Now come to the second task. It is not easier than the previous. Check what readers really want to know about the pro blogger you have picked. You should know very well:

  • His main achievements like popularity at social media, a huge readership of his contents, his achievement of success in a short time or any other quality of a similar nature.
  • What type of information about his stronger points he already has given in his own blog posts, in his guest post and in his interviews already published at other blogs.

Now confirm which types of information he still has to give on his stronger points to his target audience.

This is more likely after fast changes in overall blogging trends he has yet to talk on new trends of blogging.

Maybe he wants to speak on personal blogging products because very few pro bloggers have their own very famous digital products.

Many top bloggers have yet to declare how they have adjusted to changing scenario of getting backlinks with guest posts.

So make points for your questions related to:

  • New developments and changes in blogging trends
  • Professional information about him that has not yet been published anywhere

Craft Your Questions

Now you need to craft at least 20 to 25 questions to cover all the points noted above.

Try to make your readers know everything about him which has not been published. Or which emerged recently and he has not yet expressed his views on such issues.

Shortlist Your Questions

Many bloggers ask several questions that have the same meaning or almost the same answer. To avoid repeating the same question with different words. For this purpose make a perfect list of 10 interview questions out of given 25 by:

  • Merging the similar questions with each other
  • Deleting the questions which are same but developed with different angles
  • Removing the questions which have already been asked to him and published by some other bloggers
  • Joining two questions that have a very short answer to make the answer a little lengthy

Oral Or Written

Before short-listing the questions, you should also decide on the medium of communication. Do this with his consent.

It may be through email, Skype, Google hangout, or face-to-face depending upon physical distances between you and him. If it is written then craft questions as much comprehensively as possible. In the case of an oral interview put as many points as possible according to their importance and your priorities.

Final Words

That’s all about how to take an interview with a pro blogger. An interview with a pro blogger is not just your next post. You can make it boost your relationship with him and also make him refer you to another pro.

  • Try to avoid asking very personal questions related to relationship or family life. Many pro bloggers don’t want to share these personal things with others.
  • Ask him to give a message to your blog audience but ask him to give his message with regard to his key expertise like money-making, content writing or keep struggling despite the lengthy spell of failures.
  • Never drag the conversation unnecessarily nor try to make him say more and more in one answer. Instead, make him speak of more and more value that can benefit to your readers.

So while taking an interview with a pro blogger you should aim at what maximum you can deliver to your readers. But simultaneously you need to remember that this is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your interviewee and get more support from him.

So these are a few points that came into my mind after reading several such interviews during the previous two weeks. I hope you will like it.

How To Take Interview Of A Pro Blogger That Goes Viral in 2022?
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