How to increase Torrent Speed

Is it possible to increase Torrent Speed

Many people use torrent to download movies. But most of the time, the connection speed is very slow. Even though the download speed depends on our Internet connection, it is possible to increase the speed of Torrent. Here, you can see how to increase Torrent Speed.

Steps to Increase Torrent Speed

how to increase torrent speed

how to increase torrent speed

We can follow the steps given below to increase the speed:

1. Open torrent and click on  Options tab at the top and select Preferences.

2. Then select connection on the left-hand side.

3.  Under listening ports, select the random port numbers between 40000 to 60000.

4. Go to Bandwidth and under a number of connections, change the global maximum no of connections. By default, it will be 200. Change it to 64.

How to increase Torrent Speed 1


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5. Set the  Max no of connected peers per torrent = 64 (it will be 50 by default).

6. Change the number of uploads slots per torrent set to = 1.

change torrent settings

change torrent settings


8. Go to Advanced option and select “bt.connect speed” and change the value from 7 to 8.
7. Then select Queueing. Set the maximum no of active torrents = 8 or 4 and a maximum number of active downloads = 1 or 3.

9. Then, select “net.max_halfopen” and change the value from 100 to 8.

How to increase Torrent Speed 2

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