How to increase memory of your Android using the SD card

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Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone. Be it Android, iPhone or Windows. However, Android is the most sought phone owing to the high price of iPhone and less popularity of Windows. The difference in the memory can impact our use of the Android. You will not be able to play high-end games or open many applications. Most of the time, your mobile freezes or hangs. You need to reboot your device to fix this. One way to avoid this problem in Android is to buy high end latest model. However, it is not possible for everyone to purchase the high-end device. Here, you can learn how to increase the memory of your Android using the SD card.

How to increase memory of your Android using the SD card

How to increase memory of your Android using the SD card

How to increase memory of your Android using the SD card

Increasing the memory does not mean that you are going to change the hardware. Only the device manufacturers, professionals, and experts can do this. If you follow the steps given below, you can easily increase memory within a couple of minutes.

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 Requirements to increase the memory of your Android

There are some requirements to increase the memory of your Android. They are:
a. Rooted Android device. Either mobile or tablet.
b. Computer with an Internet connection.
c. SD card and reader.

Partition your Android device


Partitioning of your Android device can be done only with the help of third-party tools. There are new tools available to partition the device. One such is the Mini Tool partition. You can download the tool from the Internet.

1. After downloading the tool, install it on your computer and connect your SD card with the reader.
2. Open the tool on your computer and format your card using the delete option on the tool.
3. After formatting the card, right-click it and select the option that says make.
4. You will receive a popup and make FAT32 as a primary partition if the card is greater than 4 GB. If the card is less than 4GB, select FAT.
5. Once the primary partition is complete, leave around 600 MB of free space for the next partition.
6. Then select done. After that right click on the remaining space on the card and select a primary partition. However, change the file system to Ext 3 or Ext 4 instead of FAT.
7. Click on apply and wait for some time for the process to complete.
8. Then, you need to install the Link2SD from the play store and install it on your Android device.
9. After installing it, open it and it will ask for root permission and the file system of the external partition. Choose the appropriate option.
10. Sort the app and then link it.
Hurray, your job to increase the memory is done successfully.
In this post, you have seen the tips to increase memory of your Android using the SD card. If you are aware of any other working method to increase memory of your Android, you can share here.
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