Crowded Niche – Why It Is Better To Jump Into It In 2020

“Find a less crowded niche and start a blog about it” –Many Bloggers.

If you were a woodcutter and loved cutting wood, imagine someone coming to you or you yourself finding that woodcutting is a crowded business.

In that case, would you still cut wood or start some other work that you don’t like, for example, wood processing(does something like that exists? If not, it does now! )

Crowded Niche – Why It Is Better To Jump Into It

Of course, you would choose woodcutting.

Because you are better at that and can cut wood better than most of the people.

Isn’t it the case?

But when it comes to blogging, more and more people are happy to switch to wood processing because woodcutting is crowded.

And what we get is a bunch of mediocre wood processors rather than a bunch of awesome woodcutters.

And chances are that, if you chose to be a wood processor, you are doing that.

Crowded Niche :Why it is better to jump into it
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Crowded Niche: Why it is better to jump into it

But why?

To get rich?

To make more money blogging?

But you can make more money by doing what you love. That is a success!

As regular readers already know, I am all about differentiating. Not mathematics one, but the real world one. I am a big fan of standing out from the crowd.

Why be a faceless nobody?

Be someone.

And the best way for that is to choose a niche you love.

And it won’t help if you keep sitting back thinking, “Oh my God! I’d love to write about this but this niche is too crowded!”

That is not blogging.

Real Bloggers Publish!

You know what, an interesting thought came to my mind some days back. Can we benefit from opening a blog in the same niche?

And the answer is…… YES!

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There are several advantages that you can gain by starting a blog in a crowded niche you love.

Advantages of Crowded Niche

  1. Guest Posting Opportunities: If you have several high profile blogs in your niche, the job is only easier for you. How? Just start guest posting on them. It is the most effective method for getting new readers quickly and will greatly help you.
  2. Commenting: Commenting is another way to benefit from the competition. Good comments can get some traffic to you and additionally, you can also make some friends along the way.
  3. Opportunity To Learn From Others: Learning from others is the best way to learn. Notice their strategies, their mistakes, and steal whatever you can. And whatever you learn, apply it!
  4. Easy To Dominate: Remember how to make your blog awesome? One point in that post was dominating. Now, think about dominating. What do you need for that? A good blog, a lot of readers, and yes, some competition. Remember, 99% of blogs in a niche are the flop. They are not going anywhere. You have to compete with only a handful of blogs. And using the guest posting and commenting well, that is not a big issue either!

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  1. Hard To Get Search Engine Traffic: Search Engines are important. SEO is important. But if you are blogging solely for search engine traffic, forget about being a successful blogger. SEO does not make great bloggers. Community and great content do. Whatever the case, a crowded niche makes it a bit hard to get search engine traffic.
  2. More Work Needed: With more competition(although only a handful of blogs), you have to work more. But remember how you can minimize “hard” work.

The choice is yours. Will you be a woodcutter or a wood processor.

Woodcutters, welcome! You will surely like the upcoming posts here. Just do not forget to subscribe.

Wood processors move along. I have nothing to say to you. Bye-bye! Have a nice day.

And, Thanks for your time!

Crowded Niche – Why It Is Better To Jump Into It In 2020
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