Google’s new service called as YouTube Music key

There were rumors that Google plans to introduce new service in Music. Now, it’s been confirmed that Google launches the new subscription-based music service with YouTube.

Android Police first reported that Google started purchasing domains like music key, YouTubemusic,,, etc. Now it’s been confirmed that Google plans to offer ad-free music with a monthly subscription. A key feature of this service is the absence of ads.

Google's new service called as YouTube Music key 1
Youtube music key

Youtube music key

This new service includes offline videos and songs, concert footage’s, etc. New subscribers will be given access to existing music service from Google called as Google play music access. Since the name is confusing, they plan to rename it to Google Play music.
When you subscribe to YouTube music key service, you will get access to both YouTube Music Key and Google play music service. YouTube is a place where you can find very unusual and rare music. But YouTube Music Key includes more music like covers, footages, and remixes.
By the end of 2013, it was released that Google will offer the YouTube subscription service. But it was delayed and the director of music for YouTube, Nikhil Chandhok left the job. But, now the service goes live from 2015.
However, this service will face tough competition from others like Amazon and Apple which offers similar subscription-based music service. Especially, from Apple as it has two services for music namely iTunes and Beats.

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