Want to get targeted twitter followers – follow these steps

Twitter has been utilized as a stage for most recent news, spamming (Yes there are some people who do that), informing about promotional offers or passing along most recent data (eg retweeting) or simply having a decent old discussion… Twitter is also called as “Internet SMS”. With such potential, you can get followers easily provided you follow the right steps. Consider what it can accomplish for your business or site or even respect toward oneself. Here are some tips to get targeted twitter followers.

Tips to get Targeted Twitter Followers

Tips to get Targeted Twitter Followers

Tips to get Targeted Twitter Followers

Check what you tweet

Each day millions of tweets are sent. If your tweet is not informative, you will be lost in the ocean of tweets. You should not share only your blog posts or company information. You should also share some good information or contents which are tweeted by others. You need to maintain a mixture.

Sharing only your blog articles will bore your followers and there are chances that you might unfollow you. There are some people who follow the same strategy they use on Facebook. In Facebook, they will update the status like ” Watching movies”, Visiting places”, feeling meh, etc. You should not follow the same on Twitter. Twitter is different from Facebook.

Unless you are a big celebrity, people will not be interested in your day to day activities. Make sure your tweets contain information in it. Make your followers curious or share something funny that will make them laugh.

Want to get targeted twitter followers – follow these steps 1

Power of Interaction

The word interaction is very powerful. When someone replies to your tweet, your username (@name) will appear and will be seen by their followers. If they like it, they might follow you.

Additionally, you might ask some questions to your followers. For example, let us say there are 10 replies to your questions. Assume one person from each of these 10 followers link with you and you will get 10 new followers. This number may seem less, but you will get active followers.

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Promote your Twitter

You can promote your twitter account in various ways like email signature, business cards. You can also promote your Twitter on Facebook. If your blog readers are there on Facebook, it will likely that they will follow you on Twitter also.

Harness the power of hashtags correctly

The symbol # before the keyword is called hashtag. You can use the hashtags correctly to find people who have similar interests. Make sure you select the keyword related to your post and use it as a hashtag. Some of the popular hashtags are #socialmediatips #adsensetips #SEO.

You can also use the current trending or hot topics (whichever is relevant) as your hashtag to your tweets.


Twitter tools

There are several free and paid tools available for Twitter search. You can utilize those tools to unfollow inactive people from your list. These tools will also help you analyze the statistics.

Some of the commonly used twitter tools are Tweepi, TweetStats, Topsy, Twitalyzer


These are the tips to get targeted twitter followers. Using these tips, you can increase your followers. However, please remember that the number of followers should be an indication of how interesting your tweets are rather than self-promotion.

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