Get Reliable Internet in remote areas with Google Loon

Nowadays everyone uses the internet. If you are not getting a reliable and high-speed Internet connection for the money you pay you will be disappointed. Not to worry anymore. Google comes to help you with their new service called Project Loon or Google Loon.

Google Loon

 It is the new project by Google which is in the development stage. The aim of this project is to provide reliable Internet connection to rural and remote areas. Through this service, you will get a wireless connection with the speed that is comparable to 3G.
Google Loon

Google Loon

Why the name Loon

This project involves the use of balloons. Yes, the gas balloons with which the children used to play are used in this project. Hence, the name Loon or Project Loon.

Get Reliable Internet in remote areas with Google Loon 1


How it started

Google began the experiment with just 30 balloons in New Zealand in  June 2013. By the end of June 2014, Google finished its first test LTE connection in Brazil. By the end of 2016, it plans to provide Internet connection across the globe.


How it works

This project uses the high-flying balloons placed in the earth’s atmosphere. Balloons are placed in the stratosphere layer and they will travel above 30km from the earth’s surface. The balloons are guided by the center in the earth. In order to use this service, the user’s need to connect to the balloon using a special device installed at their home. This special device will be similar to the antenna.

The signal from one balloon is transmitted to the other one and finally, it is sent to the ground station through which connection is shared. Each balloon can cover a diameter of 40km in diameter.



This service will be very helpful in case of natural disasters.

Rural and even remote areas will get an Internet connection.

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