How to get your address

Gmail is best the email service. More than 50% of the email addresses registered so far was only with Gmail. There are so many Gmail tricks available online. How will you feel when you get an email address with Let’s see how to get your address.

How to get your address

How to get your address

How to get your address

After reading the title, you may think that I am going to provide you any tip or ask you sign up anything. No, I am not going to give you any trick to get It is very simple. If you use Gmail service, you even get address. Looks simple, isn’t it?

Let me explain it clearly.

Suppose, you create an email address say When you create this address, you also get address. “” may sound generic. But “” sounds different.

You can share your address for official and business purpose. For general purpose, you can use address. You can setup a filter for address. By doing so, you will get the business messages separately. This helps you read the important messages immediately.

You can use the email address as apple[at] instead of to stop getting spam emails.

Bonus Tip

You can use and address as separate address and sign up for multiple Twitter accounts.

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