Free Gocodes link cloaker Alternatives in 2021

Gocodes link Cloaker WordPress plugin was one of the famous free link Cloaker plugin used widely. But due to some reasons, it was pulled out of the WordPress repository. In this post, you will see about best free gocodes link Cloaker alternatives.

Free Gocodes Link Cloaker Alternatives

Free Gocodes link cloaker Alternatives
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Free Gocodes link cloaker Alternatives

Easy Affiliate link

Easy affiliate link would be the top free alternative to gocodes. It lets you add the links within the post editing section.

It turns your long ugly affiliate links into simple decent looking ones.

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After installing the plugin, go to the settings and configure the default settings of the plugin. It lets you add the slug. It can be either recommended or go.

Once slug is configured, your link would like

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Slug settings or


Create short links to cloak your affiliate links.

Easily access your links in the visual and HTML editor.

Assign categories to your links.

Tracking of monthly and lifetime clicks.

Affiliate link Manager

This is one of the great alternatives for cloaking and managing the affiliate links on the site.

After installing the plugin, you need to add the affiliate link and enter the keyword. The cloaked link will have the keyword as the URL slug

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Affiliate Manager

Unlike Easy affiliate link, the cloaked URL will contain only your domain name followed by the keyword


You can track your links from the report section.

Delete affiliate URLs, of course.

See how many views each affiliate URL had.

See the last 1000 access on your affiliate URLs, date, time and its origins.

WP Wizard Cloak

This is one of the cool alternatives for gocodes Link Cloaker. The features on this link Cloaker will make manage your links easily.

Once installed go to Wizard cloak and click on create a link. There you can cloak the affiliate links easily.

After that, you can use the WP Wizard Cloak-powered cloaked link everywhere you would have used the original URL.

WP Wizard Cloak will track clicks on your links, providing a detailed summary and information on individual clicks like browser type, IP address, country code, and referring URL.


Send visitors from different countries to different destinations.

Useful for affiliate marketers who want to promote country-specific offers. can send German visitors to and US visitors to

Automatically match existing URLs on your site in your existing Pages/Posts. If you have links to you can turn them all into links to


These are the top best Gocodes link Cloaker alternatives to cloak your affiliate links for absolutely free. Do share the article if you find it useful.

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Free Gocodes link cloaker Alternatives in 2021
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