Easy Ways to get Advertisers on Your Blog

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One of the best alternate for the Adsense is the sponsored reviews and direct advertising on your blog. There are many people who are killing it and making easy income with them. There are some people who still struggle to make their first dollar online. In this post, you will see about 5 simple ways to get advertisers on your blog and make money online.

Tips to get advertisers on your blog

Easy Ways to get Advertisers on Your Blog

Easy Ways to get Advertisers on Your Blog

Check Other Blogs in your Niche

It is one of the easiest and killer methods to find high paying advertisers. You can see so many advertisements on biggest blogs.  For example, visit nopassiveincome.com owned by Erik

You can find many high paying advertisers.  Click on those ads and you contact them using the email on the website or through the contact us page. There are several other blogs like this who are publishing sponsored reviews. You can find out yourselves and steal their advertisers. icon razz Do You Know These 5 Secret Ways to Find Advertisers on Your Blog


Check Email Newsletters

You need to subscribe to famous bloggers.  Not only to get latest updates on their blog, you will get to know about the products which pay high. They will market only good high paying products.  If you have already joined any newsletter you can see plenty of promotional emails periodically. It will be either affiliate promotion or paid advertising.  Either way, you can check the products they are promoting and send an email to the same company and get the advertiser on your blog too.

See the below picture, Enstine Muki is promoting SEOpower suite.

Check Email Newsletters

Check Email Newsletters


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the easier methods to get advertisers on your blog. You can easily get advertisers on your blog with this method.  Normally, companies which display the ad on the Facebook will be ready to spend on blogs which have some decent traffic and followers.

Just contact the sponsored ads on the Facebook.  Explain them about your blog and the value. They will approve your request easily and you will get the advertisers ad on your blog.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

This is one of the best and easy methods to get advertisers on your blog.  Make a list of keywords based on your niche and get the advertisers.

For example,  If your blog niche is “Blogging” your keywords should be “backlinks tools”, “SEO tools”, “web ”, “email marketing tool”.…etc. You can choose any keywords that are related to your website niche.

Now, you got the list of keywords.

The second step is using Google and these keywords.

Enter these keywords into Google and check the sponsored ads on the Google web page. There will be a huge list of sponsored ads. You can contact them one by one and make money easily.

email marketing provider

email marketing provider

YouTube Video Advertisements

Most of the people use Youtube. When watching videos, you can see the ads in between. Those ads will occur based on your browsing history.  Just click those ads and visit their website. Send an email about the proposal to display ads on your blog.



In this post, you learned about the 5 easy ways to get advertisers on your blog. Follow these tips and make money easily.

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