Do Not Hurry, Take Your Blogging Decisions With Cool Mind!

For next 5 minutes, forget everything! Take a deep breath. Now, read the following question carefully:

Imagine there are two railway tracks. There’s one track which is not used anymore and one that is regularly used. Some children are playing on the tracks. On the never used track, there is one child and on the other, 20. A train is coming and it’s upon you to decide which side it will go. You can either send it on the always used track and risk 20 lives or on never used track. What will you do?

You will save 20 children! Right?

Take Your Blogging Decisions With Cool Mind. Blogging Is Not A Race

Blogging Decisions
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Blogging Decisions

Now, that’s a decision you took in a hurry! Before taking the decision, did you think that one child who was playing alone on the never used track was right! He knew that train would never come there and was playing there. But you saved 20 others, who were in the wrong!

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And did you pay attention that there might have been some reason behind “never used” track never being used? There might be a dead end ahead and you are risking lives of hundreds of people!

That’s just an example how hurried decisions can be wrong! What seems like a good decision for the short term may hurt you in the end!


How To Avoid Hurried Decisions

If you find yourself making decisions in a hurry and later feel sorry for them, here are some tips:

  1. Be Slow: Do not take a decision immediately if not necessary. Think about it and then carefully decide.
  2. Write: Write the consequences of a decision on a notebook and then analyze the pros and cons. I have done this many times with major decisions and this helped a lot.
  3. Ask A Friend: Nothing can help you like an extra brain! Asking a friend for feedback can bring up new ideas and help you make the decision wisely!


And remember, these tips apply equally to other problems, just try them.

What do you do when faced with life (or blog) changing decisions? Do you wait or rush through? Do let me know through comments.

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