Top 4 Cyber Security Tips For Remote Working in 2023

Are you working remotely? Then you should securely keep your devices. Check out this post to learn about the 4 top Cyber security tips for remote working.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have required staff to work remotely, and this is a trend that looks set to continue even after social distance restrictions have eased. However, being away from the rigorous online security measures implemented in the office does potentially increase the risk of a security breach.

And there are certain steps that you should take to ensure that your data remains protected when away from the office. Here are some top cybersecurity tips for remote working.

Top 4 Cyber Security Tips For Remote Working

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Cyber Security Tips For Remote Working

Keep Other Members of Your Household Away from Work Devices

Working from home means that your work devices will be exposed to other members of your household. This could potentially lead to huge security breaches, such as unauthorized persons seeing confidential financial information or young children accidentally deleting an important document.

Therefore, it is important that you keep your work devices safe, use them only for their designated purpose, and resist lending them to other members of your household.

Ensure that you password-protect your device to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive files.

Install Antivirus Software

If you are using personal devices when working from home, ensure that these have been installed with a comprehensive antivirus suite.

This will provide your device with the first line of defense against threats such as Malware, trojans, and Phishing scams and runs discreetly in the background of your other processes so that you are unaware of the hard work it is doing to protect your device.

Antivirus software is available on a subscription basis, ensuring that your device is never without protection, and regularly updates itself to keep on top of emerging threats.

Use Browser Isolation Technology

You may still be able to access your organization’s network when working from home, so this network must remain protected from external threats from incoming traffic.

The technology available from browser isolation vendors works on a principle of zero trust: all incoming traffic is deemed a potential threat until proven otherwise.

All incoming code is isolated on a remote virtual browser, with harmless code streamlined back to your endpoint, whether that is in the office or remotely. By doing this, threats are stopped at the door without compromising the performance of your processes.

Secure your Home Wi-Fi

You can prevent hackers from accessing your home Wi-Fi network by implementing a few simple steps. Enable network encryption, found on your wireless configuration page under the security settings, to ensure that your online activity remains invisible to prying eyes.

Change the name of your wireless network to something less identifiable as a home network, and create a strong password that is unique to you instead of relying on the password that came with your browser.

As an additional security measure, you could consider using a VPN when working from home, which will disguise your IP address to make your online activity invisible to Cybercriminals who may be targeting you.

Final Words

That’s all about the Cyber Security Tips for Remote Working.

Remote working is growing in popularity, but with the increase in working from home also comes an increase in cybersecurity threats.

Without rigorous security measures in place at home, both your employee’s personal and your business data are at risk. The above tips will ensure your employee can work safely at home without the risk of suffering a cybersecurity breach.

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