Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting: Which Is The Best in 2022?

What are the differences between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting? Discover the differences between Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting

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Cloud vs VPS Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is regarded as an extension of clustered hosting where websites are hosted on multiple servers.

The networks of the servers that are used with Cloud Hosting are vast and are often sourced from different data centers from different locations.

Cloud Hosting services allow hosting on virtual servers that allow for sourcing the computing resources from extensive underlying networks of the physical web servers. It is chosen as the best alternative for hosting websites on a single server.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS – Virtual Private Server is a physical server that is housed in the data center. The VPS hosting does have similarities with the dedicated server within the Shared Hosting environment.

Technically, VPS hosting is both Dedicated and Shared Hosting.

VPS has its copy of the operating system and allocated server resources. VPS Hosting is quite popular and trusted and an ideal selection for businesses expanding rapidly or aiming to host number of websites.

Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting Compared


Flexibility is the greatest asset of Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting is highly scalable having the ability to add capacity in real-time while on the other hand, VPS though has an allotted resource pool it has a limit to scaling that entirely depends on the physical host machine.

VPS hosting is less efficient as compared to cloud hosting since it allocates a specific number of computing resources to each client. Thus, in any case, if the requirement increases, then the respective system would not be able to manage the additional inflow.

While in Cloud hosting the website is hosted over a pool of unified computing resources. Thus, if one server fails to reach its optimum level, then the second one is ready to take responsibility.


Cloud hosting is distributed across different servers, so, any average user obtains less control over the hosting parameters.

Cloud hosting allows leveraging the technical knowledge and software which helps to accomplish the things which the VPS couldn’t.

Cloud hosting providers work as per the individual IT demands of the customer. But, VPS provides its partitioned server that allows customization and configuration of the section easily as per the requirements.

Cloud hosting is distributed across a number of different servers, and the average users have less control over the hosting parameters while VPS hosting offers you the ability to customize and manage the configuration of the server partition.

The server environment can be customized and configured as per the requirements.


Security measures of Cloud Hosting are a bit trickier. Data and resources in Cloud Hosting are spread across a number of servers. As the server is completely separated from the client’s, security with Cloud Hosting remains higher.

Cloud hosting providers can be consulted to learn about the regulations of data security as the web-based nature of Cloud Hosting makes it vulnerable to attacks.

The most vital feature of VPS hosting is security. Security features of VPS hosting offer incredible advantages over the cloud as the entire data is stored on a single server.

The central location of the physical host provides added security for the operations with critical data, and the location is restricted to comply with the data security regulations.


You need to pay for what you use with Cloud Hosting. With Cloud Hosting, you need to pay on a monthly basis depending on the number of users who access your website.

The payment is done for the used resources, but you need not pay for the unused resources. With Cloud Hosting you will never run out of resources.

The websites expecting high traffic can consider Cloud Hosting as an ideal choice.

While on the other hand, you need to pay the allotted amount of resources with VPS Hosting on a monthly basis. For its simple features, the costs of VPS hosting is calculated at a flat rate. Cloud hosting providers can offer additional resources whenever required.


This article about the comparison of Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting can be widely helpful for you to decide the hosting server that would be beneficial to you and your business objectives.

By consulting good Cloud hosting providers, you can achieve your targets. So, remember these points and be smart enough to choose the best one!

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