How to check Domain Authority of a website quickly in 2022?

Wondering how to check the domain authority of a website?

Check out this post and learn how to check the domain authority of a website quickly using the online tools.

Multiple factors determine the position of your website on Google search engines. It is called domain authority and it is kind of a very crucial metric that shows the success of the SEO strategy.

On the other hand, it also shows how are you reaching that spot-on Google ranking. One should keep in mind that domain authority is independent of Google.

It only and only predicts the wellness of your website and how it is ranked on Google.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

While talking about domain authority it should also be considered that domain authority is about all your websites while page authority only covers the single page of your website.

Although, both are important, however, the domain authority gives a better picture of the performance of your website.

What makes the Domain Authority important?

In simple words, it measures how much impact your website has. Numerous factors are considered when we talk about what determines the domain score.

For example, it depends on how many authentic backlinks your website contains.

Organic search traffic and the position of the keywords significantly improve the score of the website.

Monthly visits which are also called the website traffic data also enhance the domain of the authority.

Other than the above-talked benefits of the domain authority and page authority, one is that you can assess the performance of the backlinks you have added on the website.

A domain score is a great way to check that. Let us see how to check the domain authority of a website.

How to check Domain Authority?

How to check domain authority
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How to check domain authority

Now that it has been established that domain authority is very useful to know of a website as it shows the ranking of the website.

There are tools online available that perform these tasks efficiently. It is important to note that these rankings are not used by Google to assess your website and rank it any higher or lower.

This ranking is for the developers and website owners so that they have an idea about the performance of the website in comparison to their rivals and competitors.

How does a Domain Authority checker work?

This kind of authority tool is used to evaluate the score of the website. It shows the authority which has been granted to your website.

This score usually ranges from 1 to 100.

These factors are counted while checking your domain authority or page authority.

• Strength of the webpage
• How is the ranking of your website on search engines?
• How many links are attached?

Here is the list of tools to check the domain authority of a website.


PrepostSEO Domain authority Checker
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PrepostSEO Domain Authority Checker

This is one of the online tools that are available free of cost to check the domain’s authority of the website.

You can also check the domain authority in bulk, unlike most online tools. This is a plus point.

The results of domain authority usually vary. Therefore, it needs to check regularly.

If your rankings of DA are higher there is more chance of it placing Google in a better place.

Prepostseo also offers the backlink generator because the only way to improve the domain authority is to add more backlinks.

Click intelligence

This software very conveniently tells you about the performance of the website.

This tool helps you at one further step by revealing the ranking of the rival’s website.

This tool like prepostseo also generates backlinks for you. Users have reported that it improves the ranking of the website significantly.


This website also offers a free checker feature.

This software can best predict the score of the domain authority to help you identify how well your website performs in search engine results.

What you need to do is copy-paste the Link or press control the send button below.

It functions in seconds. It gives you sophisticated algorithms that are capable of testing about 40 different factors to test the domain authority score.


The tool is incredibly helpful and easy to use, the Link to the website you want to assess is the only thing you require, and the tool would do the most for you.

The tool gets the Domain Authority score after inspecting the Domain. The Bulk DA checker tool is primarily used to check the output status of the website on Google.

This tool offers a score that will help assess the quality of your website. Not only is it helpful to find out about the domain authority, but the DA rating will also enable you to concentrate on the wrong links.

How can you improve the Domain Authority?

Linking Root Domains

Root Domains is the number of distinct backlinks the domain has. For e.g., if you have 1,000 links from a single website, it will still be considered a link from a single root domain.

When you have three links on three separate websites, you would have three root domains.

You can obtain a good domain authority by winning links from multiple websites than by receiving a bunch from one website.

Search engine friendliness

This applies to the layout of your site and the user-friendliness of your site. When you have a bad web layout, it will make it hard for Google to visit your website, harming your ranking points.


This is the parameter used to calculate the impact of the backlinks. This takes into consideration not only the number of additional links you have but also the nature of these links.

With Moz, it appears to be consistency over quantity, which means that one excellent external link is better than getting a few poor links.


Like MozRank, this is also a tool to determine the consistency of your backlinks. But it goes into more detail by evaluating how closely your webpage is linked to trustworthy sources.

Broadly speaking, a bad domain authority score will fall anywhere between 0-20. Between, 20-30 is going to get there and between 30-50 is fine.

If your score is in the 50-60 category, it is very nice, and once you have passed that, and you are in the 60-100 region, you’ve got a pretty good domain authority ranking.

And to get to the 60-100 level, remember that you want to invest the most time creating your link identity, as it is the most important element and will support your domain authority in the longer term. Just seek to get the best quality links, not the number of links.

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