Blogging Hats: How Many Hats Are you Wearing?

Writing a post?

How many times did you turn back to see how good or bad your post is?

And how many times did you think of deleting the post because you felt that it is not good?

The real question is not “how many times did you turn back” but Did you turn back?

If yes, you are mixing your hats.

Oops! Sorry for going straight into hats thing without explaining what “hats” mean. By hats, or blogging hats, I mean the roles you have to fulfill as a blogger.

Blogging Hats: How Many Hats Are you Wearing?

Blogging Hats
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Blogging Hats

Here are some of the roles a blogger usually plays:

  • Writer.
  • Editor.
  • Designer
  • Stats Analyzer.
  • Troubleshooter.

There’s no problem if you wear multiple hats!

Let’s take a look at real world hats to understand better.

Let’s say you have 10 hats. One day, you go out wearing 2 of them, how would you look?

Not good!

1 hat is enough at a time.

Similarly, you should be wearing one hat at a time.

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Wearing one hat a time will only prove good for you. For example, I am a writer and also an Entrepreneur with my business.

The real problem arises when hats are mixed!

For example, I sometimes mix writer and editor and get wriditor(?). OK, time to stop making silly words and getting back to post.

So, when I mix a writer and editor, this happens(besides getting a wriditor, that is! )

I start writing a post, reach halfway, think “Hmm.. it doesn’t look half good!” and hit the “Trash” button in WordPress.

And there goes a good idea, into the trash. This has happened many times with me.

Finally, I got a fix.

The fix is to not mix the editor and writer. When writing, just write. Check back again after 1 day and edit. This way, posts come up best. I have tried it and it works great.

Similar theory can be applied to other hats as well. For example, when writing, you should not worry about anything related to design (images in post, formatting) because that’s a different thing.

Moral of the story: Wear One Hat At A Time, Be Happy And Organized.

How many hats are you wearing?

Blogging Hats: How Many Hats Are you Wearing?
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Jenny is a passionate blogger and writes for She graduated from Sainik school and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics.

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