Blogging Addiction: How To Identify And Get Rid Of It

Ever heard of blogging addiction?


Check out this post and learn more about blogging addiction.

Do you love your blog?

Thinking 24 x 7 about it?

Always looking for new ways to improve your posts and design?

Always getting new ideas out of nowhere?

Or do you like reading a specific blog?

Check it many times during the day?

Then you might be addicted to blogging.

Excess of everything is bad and blogging is no exception. For outsiders, there’s nothing special about blogging but those of us who know how fun and rewarding it is to maintain a blog or read them, blogs may become a big part of life.

And there’s the problem.

Yes, blogs are supposed to be informative and entertaining but you are not supposed to be glued to them like you are and definitely not a big part of life.

What Is Blogging Addiction?

Blogging Addiction
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Blogging Addiction

Before talking about “blog addiction” or “blogging addiction”, we must first know what addiction actually is, right?

Addiction means that you are psychologically dependent on something.

Leave everything else, the main word in the definition is “dependent”.

Once you are dependent on something, you can’t live without it. When it is withdrawn, you feel as if you have lost an arm or a leg.

Effects Of Blogging Addiction

Just take burgers. You immediately feel the pleasure(taste) that comes from it but the bad effect(gaining weight) is visible in the long-term. Or do you immediately see someone’s tummy growing as he eats a burger?

Blogging addiction is similar. At first, you might feel joy but in the long-term, it will only prove harmful.

The Pleasures

  1. Happiness: You feel strange happiness when you get a comment, subscribers or when someone replies to your comment. It gives your ego a little boost and you feel like you are being cared for.
  2. Earnings: Make no mistake, writing blogs might become an addiction but it will also get you some extra money because you put a lot of work in it.
  3. Flow: Ever seen a drug addict? I have not, but from what I have heard, they can be extremely focused. Similarly, a blogging addict feels a flow in his work and is focused on his blog very well.

The Long Term Side Effects

  1. Emotional Dependence: Remember the happiness you get from comments? Then you must also know how it feels when you don’t get any comments on your posts. How does it feel? Bad. This slowly becomes a habit and in the long-term, you get dependent on your blog. If you get comments, tweets, and likes, you are happy but the day you get less, you feel bad.
  2. Burnout: When you are addicted to writing blogs, you continue to write, write, and write. You feel like you are like a jet on after-burners. However, after some time, you suffer burnout and feel out of ideas.
  3. Undisciplined: Once addicted, you become undisciplined. Not only your online activities, but your personal life also gets affected by your blogging fever. Even in blogging, you are not as disciplined. You are searching for a post idea one moment and then upgrading plugins to the next one.

Are You Addicted?

Now you know what blogging addiction is. So, the next step is to find if you are an addict or not. Here are some simple things to check:

Frequency:  Do you comment too much? do you post too much? Are you spending a lot of time on one activity without a particular reason(other than that you like it)? Then, you might be an addict.

The Bad Feeling: Not feeling good because you did not get comments? Beware, this is a sign of becoming an addict.

24 x 7 Blogging: Are you spending 25 hours per day thinking about the next post for your blog? Then, you might be an addict. Remember, inspiration is one thing and while addiction may give a feeling of inspiration, it is not good.

How To Be Free

Addiction is always harmful. Blogging addiction, while initially looks great, will only cause harm. So, if you think you show some signs of blogging addiction, you can try to give it up by using the following methods:

  1. Learn What Is Unimportant: If you are addicted to reading blogs, learn what you can leave. For example, I was addicted to reading wrestling articles on Bleacher Report till last week. Then I decided to give it up because studies and blogging need more time. And here I am, without that addiction. It was a bit difficult in starting but finally, I now know that it was not important and I can live without it.
  2. Prioritize: The Biggest problem with most of us is that we don’t know what our priorities are. Start prioritizing your tasks and see the changes.
  3. Make A Schedule: Make a schedule for reading or writing. No matter what, write/read during that time slot. make it a habit. It will do wonders for you.

Are you addicted to blogging? How do you plan to get free? Or are you already free and have some tips. Do not forget to share in comments.

Blogging Addiction: How To Identify And Get Rid Of It
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