Black Hat SEO Methods that you need to avoid

There is a large following to Black Hat SEO among the webmasters, which is much more popular than it is today. The main goal of this Black Hat SEO is to get higher ranking to your site that saves energy and time for the user. Whereas a lot of work is to be done for White Hat SEO Tactics. Some people claim that using black hat SEO tips is not illegal, but when the search engine finds you doing this, it will permanently ban your domain and even your IP address possible. Below given are five Black Hat SEO Methods that you need to avoid.

Black Hat SEO Methods that you need to avoid

Black Hat SEO Methods that you need to avoid

Black Hat SEO Methods that you need to avoid

Irrelevant Keywords

To get more hits to their pages many of the bloggers will add lots of keyword to their content even they may not relate. Much traffic is expected by doing this but makes your site looks unprofessional and final results to lower conservation profit rates.

Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the huge black hat SEO tactics, this is an option to tell the search engine what their page consists of by adding many numbers of keywords. In the past, this was more effective but at present, it will not work at all.


Hidden Text

With the same background color, many bloggers include links or content at the bottom of the page. Of course, the hidden content will contain keywords in it. By doing this you may be affected by the search engine.

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This is one of the most used black Hat tactics, by most of the bloggers. The goal is to show the search engine a set of visitors and another set of content. So please avoid doing this.

Doorway Pages

These are the pages that are created by most of the bloggers that simply redirect to another page. These are linked to the keywords, which will not have any useful information. To redirect visitors to another page they use javascript.



Avoid these types of Black Hat SEO methods to remain indexed in Search Engines, especially Google.

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