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Freedom 251 website crashed , company says it will be back after 24 hours

Freedom 251 was one of the world’s cheapest smartphone for which the bookings started at 06 AM today. Due to the increase of the traffic to the website, Freedom 251 website crashed.

freedom 251 website crashed

freedom 251 website crashed

The company had announced that customers can purchase the smartphone from its website starting 6 am on February 18 to 8 pm on Sunday, February 21, 2017.

Several people set the alarm and rose early to book the phones. Owing to the traffic, the freedom251 website crashed within minutes of opening the bookings. Only a few people were able to book the phone.

Here is the booking confirmation uploaded by  on Twitter.


After the freedom 251 website crashed, it was trolled heavily on twitter website.


Following is the message listed on the freedom 251 website after it crashed


“Dear friends, we are very grateful for your enormous response and your kind patronage and would submit that as of now we receive approx 6 Lacs hits per second as a result of which due to your kind overwhelming response servers are overloaded. We humbly submit that we are therefore taking a pause and upgrading the service and will revert within or before 24 hours. Once again our respectful thanks and gratitude for your support and patience. We look forward your return as soon as we are back online well within 24 hours.”

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