5G is not all about Speed

In today’s world, you can get any information you need from your smartphone. Just ask a question to your mobile and you will get an answer in the next few seconds. The upcoming new wireless technology is the 5G whose speed is more than twice the speed of present technology. However, 5G is not all about speed.

5G is not all about Speed

5G is not all about Speed

5G is not all about Speed


One of the problems in the present technology is the reliable connection. The main aim of 5G is to provide reliable connection whether you are in the main living room or in your basement.  Hence, a strong connection is very important factor in 5G. Because, it not only connects your pics and mobile devices, it also connects smart watches, bands, and household gadgets.

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5G – The Technology

5G is the upcoming generation of wireless technology. In 4G, we have seen many advancements like LTE and Verizon’s XLTE (using more bandwidth). But 5G will run on the different technology than 5G. It is important that we should know the differences between this technology because the performance of your devices depends on the type of connection to which it is connected. It is not just the symbol that sits on the top corner of your mobile.

5G is not all about speed. There is a misconception that 5G offers only speed internet connection. Back in 2013, Samsung reported that with its 5G technology, you can download 1GB data per second. However, speed is not the only requirement by the end users like me and you.

5G needs to support trackers, household gadgets, sensors and smart watches. In Future, you will have all your devices connected to the internet and therefore, the technology should support all these devices. The new technology, also promises to enhance the battery life of your devices.

When can you expect 5G

The International Telecommunication Union hasn’t revealed the specific requirements and the types of technology that will be incorporated into 5G just yet. According to Tod Sizer, vice president of the Wireless Research Program at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, it will take massive money to invest and set up the requirements. This new technology might take 10 years and you can see the widespread adoption only by 2025.

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