4 Simple Tips for Newbie Bloggers To Be Productive

Ever wondered why there’s a small percentage of successful bloggers earning lots of bucks, while the majority of other bloggers struggle to make a penny out of blogging?

What makes Pro Bloggers like Darren Rowse so successful? Even he started as an amateur in the field of blogging, but what did he do to make what he is today?

Many folks think that it is just luck. Out of so many bloggers, only a few of them are lucky; and this luck helps them to prosper ahead than the others. If that is so, then in population, why there is a large number of people living in poverty and a small number of people being extremely (and insanely) wealthy? Is it because of luck too?

No, it is not because of luck. Some might argue because of wealth– as more the money a person has the more resources he can use.

But setting up a WordPress blog with an expensive framework and theme, flooded with costly plugins and using tons of software won’t help until you really know how to use and optimize it. It’s like giving a guy with no military experience all the guns and grenades and ask him to go to the war. (And perhaps blogging is no less than a war, you have to fight it out among tens of thousands of blogs to make it to the top).

Coming back to the topic, what do they do to get at the top?

The answer is productivity. And they are god-damn good at it. Productivity helps them to do a lot more work in lot less time. It saves lots of time and gives you time to explore and learn more.

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But the most important reason is that it helps them fight procrastination. The single-most terrific villain of all the bloggers. Procrastination clamps on our brain activate laziness and also fills up our mind with negative thoughts.

The fact that you came here makes me believe that you are struggling with it and want to get rid of it. Do you want to know that if you are struggling with procrastination or not? Just ask this question to yourself:

Do you feel you don’t have enough time for blogging? 

If the answer is negative, then you are out of danger. But if it’s affirmative, then you are a victim of it. Why so?

Because if you really love blogging and have faith in it, then you will surely find time for it.

Worry not, we are here with some helpful ways to tackle out procrastination and be productive for newbies.

4 Simple Tips for Newbie Bloggers To Be Productive 1

4 Simple Tips for Newbie Bloggers To Be Productive

Simple Tips for Newbie Bloggers To Be Productive

Simple Tips for Newbie Bloggers To Be Productive

Do the important things CHRONOLOGICALLY

Besides blogging, it is also an important life skill. You should be able to pick up from a given set of tasks on which is important and which is not. And even in important, which one is the most important and which is not.

Don’t let any task cross over the deadline and be an urgent task. An urgent task never goes well, such as writing a post. Also, do the most important task at the start of the day as it will help you concentrate more and moreover you are fresh at that time of day.

Note down what you want from the blog and work towards it

Again like the former, even this is more or less likely a life skill. If you want to figure out your life’s ambition, it will help you out.

In the morning (or just after you wake up) take up a blank page, note down what do you want from your blog like getting a high page rank, getting a large amount of traffic and so on. After that, draw lines of procedures on how will you achieve it.

Choose the Best Hosting

No reader would want to visit a blog which is down for a part of a day, then goes live and goes down again. Moreover, you don’t know when and from where your visitors are coming from. There might be an equal flow of traffic during both the day and night. So while your website is down, you can lose a good amount of traffic and website’s reputation at the same time!

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Do Huge Chunks of Task in one go

The benefit of doing this is that it saves you a lot of time. What’s better? Doing 4-5 posts at a time or 4-5 posts over a period of a week?

There’s also another benefit. By doing so many posts at a time, it helps you to put you up in a momentum, flow, and mood. Hence, also increasing the quality of the work done.


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