3 Blogging Mistakes you need to avoid to Succeed in Blogging

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Compared to the earlier days, blogging has now increased. Most of the people have started blogging and earning money. There some people still struggle and make mistakes. In this post, we will see about the mistakes done by the newbies and the top 3 blogging mistakes you need to avoid to succeed in blogging.

Top 3 blogging mistakes you need to avoid

3 Blogging Mistakes you need to avoid to Succeed in Blogging

3 Blogging Mistakes you need to avoid to Succeed in Blogging

Blogging Mistake 1: Focused only on writing content and not promoting

Yes, you heard it right. You need to write quality content to attract visitors. But content alone is not enough. You need to promote it.

Unless you tell the world, people do not know about your existence.

Promotion is very important.


You take 4 hours to write a content. But if you spend only one hour to promote it, then you are wrong.

If you take 4 hours to write a quality content, you need to spend at least 3 hours to promote it. You can share it on social sites and in blogging communities.

Give equal importance to writing and as well as sharing your content.

Blogging Mistake 2 – No relation with other bloggers.

In order to become famous, you need to maintain a healthy relation with other bloggers. Yes, networking is very important.

Never be greedy!!

Networking with other bloggers will help you a lot. You can always for reviews, any help with your blog, you can do guest blogging, etc.

In order to survive on the blogosphere, networking is vital.

You can connect with other active bloggers and get a mutual benefit and become famous.


Blogging Mistake 3: Understand SEO but write for the readers.

All new bloggers do not understand SEO correctly. It may be difficult for them. But once you understand it correctly and follow, you will be able to get results easily.


After understanding SEO, write for your readers and not just robots on Google. Do not keep just traffic in your mind and write for search engines.  People are important. You need to give value to your readers.

2 satisfied reader is better than 50 unsatisfied visitors.



You have seen the top 3 blogging mistakes to avoid. If you liked the post, share it. If you have anything to share, please comment below.


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