What happens when you send an message or email saying "Call Me"

When you have something to say to your colleague, you will send an email or text to them. Have you wondered what happens when you send an email saying “call me” without any information?


send an message or email saying Call Me

What happens when you send an message or email saying “Call Me”

When the other person reads the email, they will be wondering what could be the reason and it will create anxiety. There is no doubt it is a bad news. It is recommended not to send messages or email without any additional information. If you have any important message to share or any confidential information to be discussed, it is better to add some additional details to the email.

Instead of using “Need to talk.Call me”, you can send message like “Call me. We have the xxx issue with our client” or “Call me. The issue with an employee regarding his work”.

Moreover, after sending email without any additional message, always have the phone with you. If you are unable to reach, it will increase the anxiety of the other person.

If you want the other person to call you, send email or message like “I have some goods to share. Call me”. If you get the call immediately.

It is always good to send email or text explaining the reason for call you instead of sending plain email saying “Call me”.


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