Tips to find donate to us backlinks

Donate to us backlinks are very useful in several ways. With this technique, you can build backlinks even for emptysite. ie site that has no content. This method is becoming very popular because by spending only few dollars like $ 5 or $ 10 we can get high page rank links with the branded anchor text and sometimes for URL also which can sounds like natural link building.

One of the biggest advantage is that the links created using this method does not appear to be a paid links and your site will not be penalized. You can frequently create so many do follow inbound links by donating money in sites. Lets see the tips to find donate to us backlinks.


Tips to find donate to us backlinks

If you want to find High authority sites for making donation then you can use below mentioned formula:


allintitle: “contributors”  Donate to us backlink sites

allintitle: “donators”

allintitle: “sponsors”


“donate to us”

“sponsors page”

“contributors page”

Not only limited to these but you can get some .Edu extension websites also which allow donators or sponsors to make donations and in return you can get high quality backlinks from edu portals. “student discounts” “student deals” “faculty discounts”



1 – You can get inbound links instantly from high authority websites.

2 – No need of writing Single line of Content.

3 – The links will not be counted as paid so no fear of penalization.

4 – Most of them are do follow still I will suggest to check other sponsors backlinks using tools.

5 – You can get links from niche related websites by donate them few Dollars like $5.


1 – You are not sure how many peoples will donate them so no limitation of number of links the Contributors page.

2 – Some sites not allow desired anchors so you can mention only URL.

3 – There is good rush so competition increased and websites may increase minimum donation value in future.



These are the easy methods to find donate to us backlinks. Hope it will be useful for creating good quality backlinks



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