How to show star rating in Google search for your blog

When you search for a product in google you may see some star ratings on some websites. These star ratings are called google snippets ratings. These snippets are nothing but the texts or messages that appear under the search results. Now, let’s see how to show star rating in Google search.


How to show star rating in Google search for your blog


Before going to the steps to show the rich snippet ratings, let’s see why it is important.

Why you should have snippets

According to Google, these snippets show the rich information by extracting it from the web pages. It will appeal the viewers to click on it. There is a high change of users clicking on these star rating snippets.

When you see two different pages, you need to click on the one that has the star rating than the normal page. Am I correct?

It will be nice when you have the star rating on your blog. It not only increases the click but also the SEO rankings.

They are very interactive and helps to stand out in the crowd.

Google recommends adding this snippet. If you are using WordPress, you can easily add this star ranking with the help of some plugins. Let me share some of the plugins used to show star rating in the google search for your blog.


All In One Rich Snippets

Like the name indicates it is used to show all types of schema like Articles, Application, Recipe, Product, Event, Review, Software, etc.

Once you have installed this plugin, it displays the star ratings. It also helps Facebook to display proper information when users share your links on Facebook.

The good news is that the plugin is free to download. Click here to download it.


kk Star Ratings

This is another free plugin to show the star rating. It has more features. Visitors can interact and rate your posts. It also has animations.

It can show your related posts in the side bar with the help of widget. You can select the place to show the ratings. It could be your home page or archives or images.

Download this plugin from here.


Author hReview

This is the best plugin to show star rating in the google search. Hence, I have added it to the last. It has both free and premium version. When you have more star, it will increase the clicks on your post.

When you purchase the premium version, you can add a half star to your posts.



Displaying Rich Snippets Star Rating in Google Search Results will help you improve your site’s Click-through rate and SEO rankings. Use these WordPress plugins to take advantage of Google Rich Snippets Star Rating feature.


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  4. ohhh….I thought that stars are due to professionalism, age of site on Google or some kind of verification, but now I got clear point about it. I am looking to have all this for my new website-
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